1. The second installment of my Prophet comic strip!  The first one can be found here

    And as you may have heard, I’ve got a handful of pages in Prophet Strikefile #1, coming out in a month or so from Image comics.  I can’t wait to get my hands on that book, the artist lineup is incredible.

  2. chriskoehler:

    Shadow of the Colossus piece for the upcoming 8-bit and Beyond show at Bottleneck Gallery. © Chris Koehler, 2014.
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    Chris “the Crusher” Koehler

  3. A couple snapshots of a comic I’m working on.

  4. A tiny piece of a page I’m working on for one of the Prophet Strikefile books, hitting stands in the next couple months.

    This page has everything: violence, campfire cookouts, childbirth :O

  5. Part One of the Lost Tales of John Prophet!

    I’ve got at least three more of these planned, so stay tuned for more.  And in a month or two you can find a story that I drew for one of the new Prophet Strikefile books, written by the inimitable Simon Roy with colors by the amaaaazing  Malachi Ward and Matt Sheean.

    Fun fact: this is the first color comic I’ve ever made :O

  6. Been doing tons of drawing for the Prophet Strikefile coming out in a few months.  Lots of aliens, a bunch of Prophet dudes, and one meat vendor sitting on a box.

  7. royalboiler:

    Simon’s cover for PROPHET EARTH WAR #1

    Ron Ackins is going to be doing this issue. Check out his awesome work here (and in reality Ron will probably be deserving of writing credit too since we’re gonna talk over where this issue can go) 

    Prophet: Earth war #1
    The series conclusion to the Sci fi epic PROPHET.
    A clone general goes against his Brain-Mother overlords to gain control of an alien egg. 

    (via diggys-daily)

  8. I just put another print up for sale in my web shop.  There’s a special if you buy both!


  9. I’ve been monkeying around with some comic book coloring this weekend

  10. It’s that time of year when I draw pictures of SUPER CUTE BIRDS

    These two are going to be up at the Tr!ckster showroom in Berkeley for their big Travel Show in June.  I’ll be drawing more in the next few weeks, so If you want to get your hands on one you won’t have to wait long.