1. A page from this comic I’ve been working on for the better part of this year. 

  2. liamcobb:

    Bit of fan art for the Spread comic, which is a great horror/sci fi comic by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm! Pick it up if you haven’t already :)


  3. This is a giant space mother I did for the second Prophet Strikefile book, hitting shelves soon from Image Comics.  

    I’m super super excited about this book. Getting to look at more comics drawn by mattsheean and malachiward is reason enough to freak out. 

    Alsooo there’s a new inkstuds interview with the Proph dudes that’s pretty great.

  4. I’m going to be at the Alternative Press Expo this weekend with jennatrostsculpts and a gaggle of super colorful new prints. COME SAY HELLOOO

  5. malachiward:

    1st Panel.

    This won’t be out for a while, but I’m excited about the project, so I can’t help but post a peek.

    By Matt Sheean and me.

  6. Little piece of a comic I’ve been working on for a whiiiiiile

  7. malachiward:

    OUT TODAY: Prophet Strikefile #1.
    This art is by the amazing Grim Wilkins. Matt Sheean and I colored it. Matt and I also have a pin-up in this issue.

    (via sayunclecomics)

  8. sayunclecomics:


    There’s a preview for Prophet: Strikefile#1 up here

    Out this week! I drew the cover and two blobby guys.

    This book is fabulous. I’m super proud to be a part of it

  9. Here’s one of my the many spreads I drew for the new Prophet Strikefile book, with colors by the mighty mattsheeanmalachiward , and words by the unstoppable simon-roy

    I just got my hands on this thing last night and it’s amaaaazing

  10. Here’s a page I drew and colored for the upcoming Prophet Strikefile book, hitting stands sooooon.

    I’m so excited to get my hands on this book.  Everything I’ve seen in it has been incredible.