1. After a million years, I finally put a couple of prints in my webshop.  There’s a special if you buy both! :O

    The Grim Wilkins Webshop

  2. tcannoncomics:


    Tyrell Cannon launches the reader into the vast reaches of space in "Corridor-C".  Two repair technicians are sent spiraling into space when the massive space vessel Terada explodes unexpectedly.  Will this be the end or beginning for them?

    Tyrell’s comics work covers a wide range of genre, including experimental comics (Simon), Dramatic/true-crime comics (Gary), and science-fiction (Victus).  His goal is to explore comics with an emphasis on variety of theme, mode of presentation, and technique.

    See more of Tyrell’s art here:




    Speculative Relationships is a science fiction romance comics anthology, featuring exciting up-and-coming comic artists.  Watch this space for more information on the upcoming Kickstarter, and follow us on twitter: @scifiromancecom

    So here is the first of my two contributions to Speculative Relationships.  This one is actually COMPLETELY FINISHED. I’ll have promo images for my second one soon, so stay tuned!  

  3. As you may have heard, the page I did for Locust Moon's epic Little Nemo book has been accepted into Spectrum 21!

  4. A couple little watercolor studies that I did last week. 

  5. Here’s another page from my m-m-m-MEGACOMIC that will hopefully be ready to read later this year.  I’ve been waiting to draw that map for weeks!

    This page directly follows that last one I posted.  There will be one layer of zip-a-tone dots put on these before they’re completely finished, but it will be pretty sparse.

  6. Last weekend I did a little drawing of Greenknife and John-Ka from Brandon Graham’s Prophet comic book.  I figured it was time to get warmed up in case I need to draw more of them in the next few months ;)

    I might throw some digital colors on these two later this week, but WE WILL SEE.

  7. This is a page I just finished drawing for the comic I’m currently working on.  If you look close you might spot a few easter eggs :O

    Even though it took way way too long to finish this thing, it was nice to finally draw from the photos of old Kiribati Islander armor that I shot at the Met two years ago.

  8. A few photos of the MEGACOMIC that I’m working on for later this year.  I’ll post some entire pages pretty soon.

  9. tcannoncomics:

    Don’t think I had posted this on tumblr before.  Promotional/pre-order bonus print for Victus #1, featuring Celeste in the forest.

    God I love this picture

  10. Some snippets of a tiny manga story that I just wrapped up for the third Milk and Carrots anthology, put together by my pal Brian Herrick.